Affiliated Secondary Schools Mamit
1 Govt. K.R. High School Zawlnuam Mamit 01.04.1980 Regular
2 Govt. Kanhmun High School Kanhmun Mamit 01.04.1981 Regular
3 Govt. Rengdil High School Rengdil Mamit 01.04.1982 Regular
4 Govt. West Phailleng High School West Phaileng Mamit 01.04.1983 Regular
5 Govt. Kawrthah High School Kawrthah Mamit 09.05.1980 Regular
6 Govt. Mamit High School Mamit Mamit 09.05.1980 Regular
7 Govt. Kawrtethawveng High School Kawrtethawveng Mamit 01.04.1981 Regular
8 Govt. Rawpuichhip High School Rawpuichhip Mamit 13.08.1987 Regular
9 Govt. Phuldungsei High School Phuldungsei Mamit 31.07.1991 Regular
10 Govt. Borai High School Borai Mamit 28.10.2002 Regular
11 Mamit High School -II Mamit Mamit 08.08.2006 Regular
12 BCM Comprehensive High School Damparengpui Mamit 07.06.2010 Regular
13 Thinghlun High School Thinghlun Mamit 24.08.2010 Regular
14 St. Francis of Assisi (H/s Section) Mamit Mamit 09.08.2011 Regular
15 Gospel Centenary High School Dinthar, West Phaileng Mamit 15.10.2012 Regular
16 Salem Boarding School (H/s Section) Khawhnai Mamit 21.07.2015 Regular
17 Hriphaw High School Hriphaw Mamit 18.09.2014 Regular
18 St. Francis Xavier High School Kanhmun Mamit 22.02.2016 Regular
19 Lungphun New Secondary School Lungphun Mamit 09.10.2013 Provisional
20 W. Phulpui New Secondary School West Phulpui Mamit 09.10.2013 Provisional
21 Darlak New Secondary School Darlak Mamit 09.10.2013 Provisional
22 Dapchhuah New Secondary School Dapchhuah Mamit 09.10.2013 Provisional
23 Presbyterian Eng. School (H/s Sec) Mamit Mamit 18.09.2014 Provisional
24 Rajiv Nagar Secondary School Rajiv Nagar -I Mamit 18.09.2014 Provisional
25 New Diamond Eng. Medium School Mamit Mamit 18.09.2014 Provisional
26 Mamit New Secondary School Mamit Mamit 18.09.2014 Provisional
27 Pukzing New Secondary School Pukzing Mamit 18.09.2014 Provisional
28 Nghalchawm New Secondary School Nghalchawm Mamit 18.09.2014 Provisional

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